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About Us

Welcome to Magna Accident Services Limited

Magna Accident Services is a family owned company based in Lincolnshire. The directors have been involved in the credit hire industry for over 30 years and we are very proud of our team who are experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated to providing the best service to all our clients. Click Here to learn about our leadership team. We care about the whole customer journey and promote a culture rooted in honesty, transparency and pro-active claims processing.

Embedded within the fabric of Magna are a number of responsibilities that the business owners and leadership team take very seriously.      Click Here to learn more about our responsibilities.


Our values mean something to everyone at Magna:

Empathy: We pride ourselves on the empathy that our team show to the driver involved in the incident. We will explore individual client situations so that we have a thorough understanding, and then guide them through the process of a motor accident claim with kindness and fairness.

Adaptability: We will adapt our services to the needs of a particular claim in order to achieve the best customer outcomes. Adaptability also applies to how we utilise our fleet – if a customer requires anything fitted in their replacement panel van, for instance, then our fleet team will do their best to make it happen.

Family: Established and run by three family members, Magna operates with a strong ethos that reflects the essence of family. We work together with trust, loyalty and respect, providing support and motivation to all, with a shared commitment to achieve an outcome of excellence in all we do.

Honesty: We are realistic about handling client expectations, not making promises we know we may not be able to fulfil.

Integrity: We drive fairness through all areas of Magna and our adherence to strong morals and standards is uncompromised. We strive to operate all our business dealings in a transparent and ethically sound manner.


Magna make quarterly donations to our choice of charity, and this is based on the number of hires we provide each month. In 2024, our chosen charity is St Barnabas Hospice


We are happy to support the squash youth squad at Eastgate Squash club in Lincoln! I’m sure there must be a future champion in this group!

Blood Donation

The company actively supports blood donation and encourages everyone to do this. We always allow time off work to get to appointments.