Our Services

Magna provides a comprehensive range of post-accident services to various stakeholders involved in the insurance and automotive industry. Our services are available to all drivers – whatever they choose to drive. Specialising in the commercial vehicle sector, we ensure suitable mobility is provided – because we understand that businesses cannot afford to stand still.

Magna collaborates with a broad network of businesses, including insurers, insurance brokers, fleet management companies, bodyshops, solicitors, legal expense companies, and claims management companies. We offer flexible and bespoke packages to suit the needs of each of our partners.

The initial call with the client is the first step in the claims process when we help in promptly reporting and documenting details of an accident or loss. This can be crucial for efficient and timely processing of insurance claims. We take a strong, ethical approach towards claims management and progress claims in a pro-active manner. We understand that by keeping control of a claim and ensuring all losses are best mitigated, both our clients and insurers can be confident their own costs are kept to a minimum.

We facilitate the provision of replacement vehicles on credit to individuals involved in accidents. This service is valuable for those who need temporary mobility while their damaged vehicle is off the road following an accident which was not their fault. Magna holds a unique position in the marketplace, as we provide hire and repair services to all road users, regardless of the type of vehicle they drive. For those who rely on specialised mobility for work, our replacement vehicle solution can be invaluable. When we are providing a non-standard replacement vehicle, we take the time to ensure we fully understand our client’s requirements.

We also provide a direct hire service to some of our business partners.

Magna manages vehicle damage by offering efficiency without compromise in every repair and ensuring expert negotiation of fair total-loss settlements. In the event that your vehicle has been deemed uneconomical to repair, we can make arrangements for the vehicle to be disposed of and ensure that you receive an accurate settlement for the salvage of your vehicle.  

When a vehicle is off the road, the financial impact and inconvenience can be considerable. Losses which are not covered by your own motor insurance policy could include; insurance excess, loss of use, damage to personal items and taxi fares and once these losses are evidenced and quantified, we will assist in recovering all that you are entitled to.

Magna offers a Motor LEI policy which provides up to £100,000 towards legal costs following a non-fault accident. Magna’s experienced claims team will manage every step of the process and help the claimant recover the full costs and compensation they are rightly entitled to. Our LEI policy provides drivers with the security that 100% of damages awarded in a claim will be paid, because if an alternative representative is appointed they are entitled to take up to 25% of the total damages awarded in settlement.

In order to confidently challenge liability disputes, we work closely with a highly qualified and industry respected forensic investigator. They provide court compliant reports when required which provide detailed analysis of all available evidence. We see this as a significant benefit to the service we deliver to our clients and our work partners.

Magna offers a bespoke service to companies running a fleet of vehicles and find themselves struggling to manage vehicle incident claims. In addition to our usual services, this package could include third party intervention & third-party claims defence. Please contact us for more details.